June Universe

June, first steps

I began designing shoes in my home in Argentina in 2011, initially as a hobby. Creating three pairs of flats, I launched a Facebook page and quickly realized the widespread appreciation for my classical, romantic designs.

Balancing this newfound passion with my full-time office job posed challenges. Juggling shoe-making classes, sourcing materials, and maintaining my professional commitments was demanding. However, the joy of crafting shoes and purses that reflected my personality spurred me on, and I persevered.


Today, I operate a design studio and private showroom in Buenos Aires's stylish Las Cañitas neighborhood. Collaborating with a small team of skilled cobblers, we bring our unique leather goods to life.

Our brand's popularity has surged (our June Facebook page boasts over 200,000 fans!), attracting customers from Latin America, Europe, and North America through our online store. I've showcased our products at prestigious events like the Rho Fiera in Milan and Bread n Butter in Berlin. In 2017, we took a significant leap by expanding the June brand to the U.S.


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