Who is Behind June?

Welcome to my creative world, where each brushstroke, clay mold, and fabric stitch invites you to explore various aspects of artistic expression. I'm Silvana Barrios, an artist who crafts everything from delicately sculpted porcelain to unique shoe designs. Each creation reflects the intricate dance of my creative journey.

When working with porcelain, my hands carefully shape clay into timeless pieces of art. The transformative process of shaping and firing raw materials results in vessels of beauty that bear the imprint of my artistic evolution. Step into my studio sanctuary, where patience and skill converge to create porcelain pieces that go beyond mere function, telling a story of artistic exploration.

Designing shoes is a choreography of lines, textures, and colors—a dance mirroring life's dynamism. For me, a shoe is more than an accessory; it's a canvas that expresses the diverse facets of your identity as it carries you into the world.

Whether it's delicate porcelain or unique shoes, each creation contributes to a larger narrative of movement, transformation, and exploration. I invite you to my world where creativity has no limits, where I navigate diverse canvases with the belief that artistry is a fluid, adaptable force.

Join me on a journey from porcelain intricacies to unique shoe designs, discovering the endless possibilities of artistic expression. In each piece, I extend an invitation to explore the world through my multifaceted creativity, hoping you find inspiration and connection in this tapestry of artistic evolution.