June Universe

June, first steps

I started to design shoes at my home in Argentina in February 2012, just for fun. I designed three pairs of flats and opened a Facebook page, and then quickly realized that many people really loved my classical, romantic shoe designs.

I was still working in an office job at the time, and it was difficult to balance my “real” job with taking shoe-making classes and purchasing leather and other materials needed to realize my vision. But I loved it because I was designing shoes and purses that were my own creations, an expression of my personality, so I pursued my passion and made it work. I now dedicate myself full-time to June.  


I now have a design studio and a private showroom in Buenos Aires’s chic Las Cañitas neighborhood and I collaborate with a small team of incredibly talented cobblers to create our unique leather goods.  

Our brand has grown in popularity (our June Facebook page now has 200,000+ fans!) and we have customers that purchase through our online store from Latin America, Europe and North America. In recent years, I have showcased our products at the Rho Fiera in Milan and Bread n Butter in Berlin. In 2017, we took the exciting step of expanding the June brand to the U.S. 


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