Care Instruction

In order for your shoes to have a long and happy life, we recommend you:

Suede shoes, before first wear we recommend to apply a waterproofing suede spray to protect from stains and water. ♡ To clean them: use a rub or brush the surface of the shoe with a thin cloth towel or a suede brush, use a suede rubber or pencil eraser to remove any obvious spots or scuffs, or apply suede cleaner and follow the instructions.

Leather shoes, before first use: we recommend to apply neutral conditioning cream without color, to protect and nourish the leather. ♡ To clean them: use a soft cleaning cloth that's made with microfibre material and horsehair shoe brushes make the most effective cleaning, you also can apply leather cleaner and follow the instructions.

Metallic color leather, patent leather, foil suede calf and fabric, those materials are more delicate and need maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. Loose dirt may be removed with a soft damp, lint free cloth. We also recommend using a suitable fabric protector spray for fabric uppers. Eventually the metallic colors and patent loose its glossy finish with the use.

Remember to let your leather shoes breathe and rest for at least 12 hours between wearing.

After each use, brush gently with a brush to remove dust and store them in their respective bag / box to avoid contact with the sun or moisture.

Avoid contact with liquids and inclement weather.