My Story

I believe that our history is built over the years, through desires and nostalgia, through smells, sounds, places visited, and experiences. I believe I never stopped being that curious-eyed girl who had to try everything to understand. As a child, I would draw tirelessly; I remember having bags and bags of drawings.

With a little bit of that childhood spark and a bit of talent honed through endless repetition, I ventured into the world of shoe design in June 2011. I sharpened my eye with photography courses, obtained a graphic design title from the University of Buenos Aires, and later pursued studies in Milan, Italy, as well as in the Netherlands (taking a sustainability shoe course). I embarked on numerous ideas that crossed my mind, and the rest is history.

Now, with my business 12 years old (as of 2023), having weathered a pandemic and economic crises in the local Argentine market, I needed a breather, a fresh breath of air. It was then that I disconnected to reconnect, lost myself to find myself, and found solace in playing like a child again—molding, shaping, and baking with dough, and discovering comfort in porcelain to cope with my anxiety.